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Chocolate man get his toes and Feet eaten by by Vanilla Man Lance until the chocolate milk starts flowing out.... take a look!!!


Chocolate man sucks Brown Sugar man's toes until The Brown Sugar man gives up his Brown sugar milk....take a look!!!


Chocolate man sucks and chews up his Brown Sugar Man toes and Feet until Brown Sugar Man starts to creaming out his Brown Sugar milk. Take a look.


Asian Lemon man Kane gets his toes and Feet eaten up until Kane start squirting out his lemonade 🍋...Take a look.







Hot!!! Hot!!!! Hot!!!! Made me hard!!!! Check it out!!!!



This is a case of healing this guys feet and also enjoying the moans and groans he expresses while being healed which triggers a lot of other guys to orgasm......Check it out!!!



This Foot god did what gods do best jerking his partner's cock with his feet until his partner exploded out a huge load!!! Check it out!!!!!



And after getting though with his partner he cums for us......check it out!!!




 Feet fetish is not new. It is dated back to the Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and Romans. It is that old. Now it has been in the world on the download so no one would think it's weird, since 2004 has exploded all over the world especially among young people. I have had a men's feet fetish since I was 5 years old. And my teens experimented with it. I have had a vein fetish since I was 9 years old. The Feet of muscle gods are worshiped for their foundational power of the soul. In this blog,  section where men with beautiful feet get worshiped by other men who are smitten by their feet and want their beauty or manliness from these men with beautiful feet so they suck and lick their feet for nourishment. I am changing this section around. New fresh videos and pics that I will be creating. I will make videos of any guys feet who volunteers 20 or more pics to me...........must be well-shaped and lots of veins on the tops and sides.



This guy is not just a bottom but a flexible one......and like a Foot god know how to make you cum.....check it out!!!!


Hunky Ricky eats this guy's feet up!!!! Take a look!!!!



Alexik's feet are very veiny and excellent shaped feet coming to you in your face!!!



These are huge feet and toes to worship....been there......Now....I could not let this video past by after cumming to it 6 times......interesting the guy in the video cums 6 times too. This video is the epitome of power as he uses his gorgeous well-shape feet and toes.....his huge eight inch cock...and his vocal moans, groans, and growls to trigger yu to cum with him....and it works...Take a look!



This is a very true life situation....



Intense Massage ending with some serious milk being spilled....Check it out!!!


Huge Veins on the calf and foot




When I saw this video it was so natural and common that I had to put it in my blog. When you are receiving or giving Feet sex....this is the natural most common reactions ....take a look!!!!




Very similar to a shaman extraction ritual where bad Karma is being sucked out of the body through the soles and toes of the feet. Whether metaphysical or physical this guy's feeding on the energy provided and triggering pleasure at the same time. Check it out!!!



Nice thick toes for you. Take a look!!!



It definitely triggers feet fetish guys when the guy is jerking and feeding you his feet at the same time.


Now when you need and have the money to invite a professional foot expert...this is your man......Check him out!!!!



I meet Axel online 2 years ago. He is from Chile and has a foot fetish for men's feet. He liked me so much that we begin to have online sex and one thing led into another and now we are partner. He likes to be worshiped and he likes being fucked and sucked. So, enjoy my online husband.


In your face...Come lick



Cumshot on feet. This is up.... timing a little off but hot!!!


This is so hot and spicy. Just take a look.



Young brown Columbian Brown Sugar Man makes you cum with him...take a look!



Brown twink cums on his foot


Hot!!!! Hot!!!! Hot!!!!! Just click the link....




This video is one of my favorites.....and when you experience it ...you will see why.....take a look!!!





This foot sex is so hot that I cum every time I see it.... take a look.


Just in case....you are solo tonight....this video is for you.....just use a little imagination and the rest will flow.....


Someone pretends he is sleeping or relaxing while this guy sucks his toes to ecstasy. Take a look.





Let's get you started.....


And this usually happens....especially when you have the right feet that riggers you....take a look!!!


This is one of those rare gems....this couple Rocky Sparks and his roommate James really does what average gay couples do including getting down to loving their feet...check it out.



I really like this couple....and although they claim to be roommate.....they are literally "a gay couple" pretending to be roommates....hahahaha...anyways.....I like how they make love to each other.....and how they naturally have foot sex which what many gay couples do.....it is fun to watch....check it out!!!


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I am so sorry for my slow response which was due to my job......Have not been on the web. If these are your feet.....good delicious insteps.....nice tiny veins on the side. I like to see more veins on your tops and sides because veins on men's feet trigger me.  Thank you for the pic.....Shall we do this....Here are mine...



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If you have Facebook...you can join me at Facebook....Just send a request and we'll go from there.

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Love these videos! I just came looking at Darren! Love when he curls his toes as he is stroking his cock.

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Posted (edited)

What use to be a huge fetish years ago......is coming to slow down considerably and it is very hard to find good or great Feet Fetish videos on porn sites....even the Foot Fetish Website are not as good as they were before Covid-19 struck the world. It seem as though the internet is not tolerating these types of videos anymore. I will keep looking and searching.

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On 10/1/2021 at 3:49 PM, maninflipflops said:


Nice pair... and if they were in flip flops... 🥰

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