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Thank you for your stories. Feet fetish is not new. It is dated back to the Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and Romans. It is that old. Now it has been in the world on the download so no one would think it's weird, since 2004 has exploded all over the world especially among young people. I have had a men's feet fetish since I was 5 years old. And my teens experimented with it. I have had a vein fetish since I was 9 years old. However, being a College Graduate I learn the psychological meanings behind these fetishes and as a Shaman learned the mental and Spiritual meaning of these fetishes that very few

Absolutely Hot!!! Check it out!!!!



I created this feet video for you...........Enjoy!!!



 So, Tony size 10.5 feet





These feet are the best!!!!








You know I love me some men's feet, especially very feet......always gets me.....so I have seen a lot feet and sucked many of men's feet in my lifetime so I know men's feet and the type of feet I like which are about five or six varieties of men's feet. Then I came across these videos that just captured moments in my life where I was in the midst of feet engagement and the types of veins I encountered on the feet and toes I was sucking. So if you like men's feet, this section is for you. If you don't like men's feet, than this section is not for you. I totally understand. It's kinky thing gone up stream.

And this video will warn you up.

Now I will be truthful with you. I have had 12's, 14's, and 15's before like mine.....dude ....I had to use my mouth and jaw like a python when it's trying to swallow some prey bigger than the python's mouth. The Python's jaw disengages and the mouth skin expands or stretches to over certain part of the prey, mainly the head. Well, that's what i had to do to get these guys big toe in my mouth. And I did it!!!! Hahaha....lol...hahaha...and once I did it the other toes were easier to suck! It also made it easier to suck their 9 inch cocks too. What this...someone needs practice!!! lol


The Feet of muscle gods are worshiped for their foundational power of the soul. In this blog,  section where men with beautiful feet get worshiped by other men who are smitten by their feet and want their beauty or manliness from these men with beautiful feet so they suck and lick their feet for nourishment.





When it comes down to worshiping feet, this is definitely the master. He doesn't just lick or suck the toes, he eats the feet and toes like they are a delicious meal. So, when I watch him,  get hard and cum by watching him eat the feet and toes of his man......MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm.....It is definitely worth the Watch!!!!




These feet are my kind of feet......well-shaped and full of veins.......mmmmmmm






So, i don't mean to cum off like I am bragging or anything like that but there has only been 5 men in my lifetime, that didn't have veiny feet like the pic above. Most of the men I have been with have had veiny feet and muscles like the picture above and the video below. And they were beyond Delicious!!! I wish I could the credit that I picked them out because they had veins in their feet and muscles. I really didn't. It just happened. So the video below is pretty close to what happen between us......in the sauna........in the bed......on the curve of a street.......in the restroom of a gay bar......several times......lol.......hahaha.....don't judge! It was fun, especially back then when things were new. Take a look. You are gonna Love this one!!!

My man Ricky gets down in sucking the toes of Mr. Clean......He really cleans him up and watch both of these muscle gods feed on eat other's energy and power getting each other's energy and power....yummy.....nothing like this in the world!!!

Just eating men feet can be so liberating and Delicious at the same time.......It's someone is feeding you their essence of power and strength.


Lance enjoying feeding off the feet of his Muscle god Master.....gaining his master's strength and power.



Cole really enjoys Scott feeding him his feet. Eating and sucking the essence out of Scott's soul!!!!


Lance enjoys eating and sucking Sebastian's feet...


This is real life.....this is actually what it is like when having feet sex in  the "Scissor position"...also the 69 position is also used.....Enjoy!!







This section is not just about  sexually worshipping men's feet but also the comfort of men's feet and whole body. It's kind of a thing we have done for centuries but never advertise it...really....These days it sounds sexist to have a men's club or a men's section just for men.....however, in ancient tribes worldwide...men have had their camp where they tend to men issues and women have had their camp tending to women issues....not new. So think of this section where men find comfort in someone paying attention to their feet which takes them through the hardships of life being pampered.


One of my favorite men's feet fetish videos is this one. It is so nature and the guy being worshiped definitely reminds of guys' feet I have worshiped. Take a look.



And now we are to pampering ourselves with a manly massage...In Turkey...the Barbers massage their customers even giving them foot massages.

Getting a deep tissue massage from one of the best chiropractor in Russia. So just relax.....breathe......get pampered and healed.

The best footjob for Ricky Ever.......this video shows you how you can cum with your partner or anyone who enjoy receiving a footjob.

And usually there are veins popping out of the feet.

Best feet on the web......


These are huge feet and toes to worship....been there...done that......


One of best veiny feet in the business. Love the thickness of his feet and toes, almost muscle feet...really delicious!!!! I cum every time watching this video. Ricky is an expert feet and toes sucker...allowing his saliva to drool out of his mouth down the veiny tops to the side of the foot. Just a juicy video! 

This is the first video.....Got I huge response..................................

This is his second video a year ago..............................

Now again you would find this video a little confusing of why is it here in "The Feet of the gods" blog but many guys or gals are triggered watching guys or gals get massage or Chiropractor therapy. The emotions that are express in pain while getting this treatment sounds like bedroom sounds and that sound triggers a response in them. So, therapy and ASRM are considered sexual triggers. Check it out!!!


I found another jewel Foot Love making video.....I like this one.......I came three times on it already. It's one of my favorites. The dude in this video know his stuff. He eats and makes love to any man's feet. Take a look.









Here's a little office Footsy around.....



One of my favorite feet fetish videos which I can't through because I jerk off in the first few minutes of this video. This video is hardcore feet fetish S/M stuff which is  perfect!




This video is new...so I have not processed it yet. Let's explore this video together. You tell me your reaction and I will tell you mine.

Here we are in Turkey with our favorite barber giving us ASMR and a foot massage.



This is a rare video of a black man offering up his beautiful feet to deep tissue massage.....black men are really sensitive about their feet and seeing this guy go through it brings me so much pleasure. Take a look.







Best well-shape vein popping feet on the web.......and he is from Poland.


Arturi feet for your pleasure.








This making love procedure really happens in lovers and married couples and it is Dope. Check it out.


Muscle gods like the one below LOVE to have their feet worshiped. The veins pop out while you are sucking them and it definitely looks like the video below.


I'm trying to get videos more realistic to our every day situations. It's tough, but this situation is very common. When you are sucking any guy's feet and he's sleep...veins pop out while he's sleeping which makes it  more delicious. Here's an example of that.


Not as realistic but entertaining.....very few toes I have sucked that have veins on the soles or veins on the bottoms of the big toe. Check it out!!! 


Here we go again finding a realistic jewel of men's feet action. This is usually what really happens in the men's Foot Society. This scene is common. Been in a few. The location. The methods. The veins popping out of the feet. The only thing is not realistic is the amount of time it takes to jerk off or get off while this sex is happening because when many of us are doing this in the streets....we make sure it is quick in fear of getting caught. Take a look.




I just found the jewel gay feet worship video which will make you have your own session with them and you will cum and cum some more. Take a look.






Some foot care always stirs up an appetite.......MMMMMMmmmmmm.......yummy!


My friend Dan's feet



















Man....this is sexy.....wow...take a look.....




And if you need healing go to one of these massage therapist and get you groove on like this guy is getting in this video.....take a look.


Chocolate milk on Chocolate Foot


Yes....He look like Keanu Reeves...hahahahaha.......lol....hahahaha....and Brandon looks like Captain America......hahahaha....wow...same build.....same eyes and face.....wow.....that's crazy.....I didn't expect to run into CAPTAIN AMERICA British style....I love it...totally cool....yeah Brandon looks like Chris Evans......I think I am going to write MCU and tell this I found their Captain America but he has a British accent. Hahhahaha....lol....hahahaha......














I created this video for y'all....enjoy!!!








Alexik from Czech Soldier Feet website wants you to worship his feet......























vitulafeet5 (2).jpg



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