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Sunday - 26th



I have bad news to impart: this day is dragging like nobody's business. I was shocked to see it's only noon - I've had lunch, and no prospects for entertainment this afternoon. no, I tell a lie, there is supposed to be some stuff on PBS, so long as its not presented by that drippy Lucy Worsley. what a hag, and I mean that in the worst possible sense. thankfully, we have some really nice looking men to perv over. I am going to mention Mike Nichols, not the cutest stud to come along, but certainly an important fixture at any pool party. with lots of lube. we've eked out a couple of new clubmembers; I hope you all are doing your bit to advertise SonofPicJim to your buddy lists (unless that's no longer a workable word). I thank everybody who afforded me Likes & Stiffies. ought to be a bunch with Mike Nichols. I have relations called Nichols and nada one is as interesting








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"...that drippy Lucy Worsley. what a hag, and I mean that in the worst possible sense."

In your humble opinion, of course.  I find Dr. Worsley cute as a button and a very entertaining presenter.


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I should have said IMHO, however the lady in question has poor taste in hats and hairstyles

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