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theres nothing on tv!!!!



image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848's late night tv viewing has been overtly disrupted

and it seems to be for the entire summer!

image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848anxiously awaited image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848's favorite - Archer - to return

but it is delayed

image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848 got into Pennyworth and was looking to a second season

but it is delayed

image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848has become a fan of Star Trek: Discovery and the next season was promising to go in a new direction

but it is delayed

image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848 even would look at The Orville - tho at times a rather weak show (what can you expect from seth macfarland - really?) - but it had moments

but it is delayed

and even tho invalid parental unit loathes it - image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848 likes So You Think You Can Dance

but it is delayed


at this point image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848 is about half way thru all of Youtube's content

and some of those v-bloggers have SERIOUS issues

HINT: if you have nothing to say then do not put out a video showing you have nothing to say

we - the public - do not need evidence that you ain't very bright


and on that note

perhaps image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848 oughta shut up

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Who is your favorite character in Archer?  They have such a fun cast, I binge watched while it was on Netflix.  

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character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784has to say  that character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784's fave character is Sterling Archer himself

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784's fave episode is with Kazak - the bullmastiff


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