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Friday - 3rd



at the risk of being repetitious and tiresome, may I say that nothing happened today, save that I did not get a decent night's sleep. now I feel guilty of overusing the :hubba_hubba-404: emoji, as all of today's models are something to behold. I guess I will feature Perry Merlotti, only because he has such great arms, I would pee to have them wrapped around mee. other than that - the big noise will be going to get the mail, as email has informed me that my printer ink has arrived. I have to figure out how to stop putting off installing my new computer. anyway, it's great to see that clubmembership in on the rise, and I welcome all our new members. note that right now, we are working through the alphabet and I never knew there were so many M's. mmm mmm mmm some cuties in the pipeline. thanks to all who have afforded me Likes & Stiffies. it really perks me up!







Rigardo001.jpg Rigardo003.jpg Rigardo005.jpg Rigardo007.jpg Perry001.jpg Perry003.jpg Perry005.jpg Perry007.jpg Jesse001.jpg Jesse003.jpg Jesse005.jpg Jesse007.jpg Jimmy001.jpg Jimmy003.jpg Jimmy005.jpg Jimmy007.jpg Mike01.jpg Mike03.jpg Mike05.jpg Mike07.jpg
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