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Thursday - 2nd



I went out this morning, and can't seem to remember it. oh, yes. I have a new thing to be peculiar about. I need a jar of jam, and I had decided I wanted cherry jam. none available in walmart nor publix. wow. so I will try the dollar store. need to get some more birthday cards. otherwise, exceedingly quiet around the ranch. again today, I have five models among whom I cannot choose one. I guess my fave rave is Mike Mentzer, who went to that great gym in the sky all too early. however, each model has much to recommend them. gets me aroused just thinking of them. hope you enjoy them, too. I see we have some new clubmembers, to whom I say welcome. note my convention of adding a zip file for albums of >99 images. hope you like - we have been doing well in the Likes and Stiffies department. many grateful thanx!







Colby001.jpg Colby003.jpg Colby005.jpg Colby007.jpg Dimitrios001.jpg Dimitrios003.jpg Dimitrios005.jpg Dimitrios007.jpg Matt01.jpg Matt03.jpg Matt05.jpg Matt07.jpg Drew01.jpg Drew03.jpg Drew05.jpg Drew07.jpg Mike0001.jpg Mike0003.jpg Mike0005.jpg Mike0007.jpg
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