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Tuesday - 30th



thirty days hath September, and the rest, I can't remember. the high point today was starting physical therapy on my shoulders with a nice young lady with whom I have worked before. high hopes for great things! in the mean time, we have Michael Meaney to lead a cast of, well, not thousands, five for today. actually, all the models are quite fetching, however I am a sucker for a man in uniform. especially if I can work him out of it 😛 I see we have achieved 5-1/3 thousand clubmembers, which seems worthy of note. a warm welcome to our newbies. please note my convention of adding a zip folder for models which have >99 images, like Michael. thanks to all for the Likes & Stiffies. we were tops in that department, overnight. keep them cards, letters, Likes, and Stiffies a-coming! :JC_ThankYou:







Steve003.png Steve005.jpg Steve007.jpg Steve009.jpg Jason001.jpg Jason003.jpg Jason005.jpg Jason007.jpg Michael001.jpg Michael003.jpg Michael005.jpg Michael007.jpg Alex0003.jpg Alex0005.jpg Alex0007.jpg Alex0009.jpg Joe001.jpg Joe003.jpg Joe005.jpg Joe007.jpg
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Steve McQueen is another guy i had a crush on in my younger days 🙂 

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