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Friday - 26th



umm - strange experiences today with the platform. seems to have problems digesting zip files. I am sitting here, looking at pretty boys and unable to share with you like I would like. I have discovered the world of animated gifs and they offer a number of often humourous items. well, it should str8ten out someday! trying to figure whether to feature Eric Mc Cormack or Guy Mc Coy. both good husband candidates. I see that we have acquired new clubmembers, and say Hi, Howdy, and Welcome. two things come to mind - I forgot to say fauxtoshop alert on Eric Mc Cormack, also, if anybody wants me to email the entire files, send me a private email as coldt DOT mann AT gmail DOT com. many thanx for the Likes and Stiffies; they are appreciated.

Eric035.jpg Eric037.jpg Eric039.jpg Eric041.jpg Guy001.jpg Guy003.jpg Guy005.jpg Guy007.jpg Grant001.jpg Grant003.jpg Grant005.jpg Grant007.jpg Joel03.jpg Joel05.jpg Joel07.jpg Joel09.jpg Ellis001.jpg Ellis003.jpg Ellis005.jpg Ellis007.jpg
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i had such a crush on Eric Mc  Cormack

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I am so happy to hear that someone shares my pash for the man. although not a cutie pie male, I felt he was a good rôle model for gay men, as opposed to the dreadful examples given by Frasier and Niles Crain. they exemplified the worst excesses of queendom, while all the time talking about wimmin as love objects. barf-a-rino!

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