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All I know is That Sebastian made this video because to feed me his veins in his neck and traps and shoulders and chest...and  I loved the veins in his neck ...traps......and chest...and arms......so I feel well fed!!!


And then Logan Franklin's vein structure in his neck is quite similar to Sebastian's neck veins....and they both love showing them off. Check it out.


Okay….Back in the 70's I and other gay men didn't want to classify men of other races by color. So we classified them by flavor…..lol….hahahaha….In bars and on the streets we would refer to white men with blonde hair and white skin as Vanilla men; white men with black or brown hair and white skin as Chocolate Chip men; White men with red hair and white skin as Strawberry(21st century called "ginger") men; Black men with dark skin as Dark Chocolate men; Black men with brown skin as Chocolate(or Milk Chocolate) men; Black men with light brown skin as Carmel skin men; Black men with light skin that resembled white skin as Yellow men; Latino men, we just called them Brown Sugar men; Asian men, we called them "Lemon or Yellow" men. It was all based on flavor. And so we worship them as our means of achieving the ultimate orgasm. It works.  This is one of my favorite muscle gods who I call The Vision because he reminds me of Marvel's Superhero "The Vision." Take a look.


Charley Rodriguez is a great delicious and yummy muscle god which makes me want more.


Worshiping muscle is an ancient practice HISTORY OF MUSCLE WORSHIP. The exact origins of muscle worship remain elusive. A review of the historical literature suggests it may have its origins during the time of ancient Greece; sometime around the early 300’s, BCE. Historians refer to this period of time as the Hellenistic ages. 


This young muscle god was on his way to Mr. Olympia......I am not sure he won.....but his body looks like Marvel's Superhero Thor.




Harcam does not have to say a word......his body says a thousand......He is the cream of the crop when it comes to Chocolate Delights and eating up his veins and muscles. I call him The Martian Manhunter. Take a look.



Wolverine getting naughty...check him out!!!!

My  Brotha The Wolverine is back with a new video. He has grown up as a Muscle god. Now he is really bringing it!!! Feeding us his muscles and veins and Loving every minute of it!!! Told you I be working with him. lol








Gay muscle worship is no different than any other form of muscle worship. The clinical name of this activity is sthenolagnia: a ten-dollar term for getting aroused by a person’s muscles.

On the road to Mr. Olympia...which is like Mr. Universe competition....Jeremy Potvin.....a young muscle god did enter...I am not sure he won.....gotta check him out!




Specific to men who are attracted to other men, we define muscle worship as a male who gets turned on by well-built jocks, wolves, daddies, otters and bears! The preparation and hard work that goes into being or becoming a muscle god is not for all.....however, I will show you these methods of how these guys become gods and why they are worshiped. The Strength. The power. The will-power it takes to develop muscles and veins popping out is AWESOME!!!! Take a look!!!!


Lots of exercise goes into muscle godship. LOTS!!!!


I was searching the porn websites and found this jewel. Real talk. Real life. A Muscle god for hired for service. I don't know the current rate, but if you can afford it....go for it. They need the income for competing in muscle contest and tournaments and you need the fetish outlet to regulate your gonads. This is the way it usually happens in this muscle worship ritual. Take a look!!!


Here again this Chocolate muscle god jerking off for relief......


Muscle god Andy...Worship him



This Hairy and I mean HAIRY Muscle god reminds me of the Roman god Aries. Hairy. Masculine. Dominant. Check him out.


So. This Brown Sugar man is dripping with sweet savoring brown sapping sugar with a nice big sugar cane. This guy is Hot!!! Hot!!! HOT!!!! And sweet with sugar. And his veins.....man. those veins make me hard every time I see them. Man......He's got the veins I need. Enjoy his sweetness!!!



This muscle god reminds me of a Superhero but I can't recall what Superhero. He flexes slow and then pops out the veins....and I found myself cumming twice. lol......


And he does everything with charm,  style, and a smile. Love this guy!!! His name is Alex. He calls himself, "The Dominator." But I call him, "Apollo." because he has the personality, charm, muscles, and veins of the Greek god Apollo. Check him out!




This young cocky muscle god is trying to make a name for himself. If you feel pity for him, show him some love and follow him on Skype for private sessions.


Mr. Chocolate Muscle god himself...only get A glimpse of him...but I will keep my eye out for more postings of him appear.


Turn to him when you desperately need to worship a god. This guy is no joke. He doesn't have to say anything.....he just know what turn other men on and goes to work, flexing his muscles and popping out his veins. Before you realize you are ready to bust a nut or two. Wait for it.......now CUM!!!! Now wasn't that excellent!!!


For some chocolate eye candy....this is the video...enjoy!



chocolate god working out....take a look.

And the results of the workout is this...................



This muscle god is what muscle gods are really like in private. I know because I have had over 40 years of having sex with these muscles gods which 90% of them were bottoms. They love getting fucked. In fact, many did not cum until they were banged! And many times I was shocked because I thought because of their persona I thought that they would be the tops and dominate me, but it was just the opposite. So, here is a prime example of what I just said. 


This guy is my guy. However, he has lost so much weight took him out of resembling Wolverine into becoming a sort of Iron Man. And I can't wait until he joins us here....jerking off...I am working on him...maybe by the end of summer...he will come to this sight.


This guy reminds of the The Thing of Marvel's Fantastic Four. Hug I mean HUGE every where. Just massive structure of muscles, veins, and cock!!! He's a special meal when you are REALLY craving Chocolate!!! Enjoy!!!


More of Wolverine Flexing and showing off so you can get off!!!

My man Simon The Wolverine is flexing at me as if I am making him bring it!!!LMAO....but I really not.....but he thinks I do.......hahaha.....lol....hahaha

Just follow him and give some love......he needs encouragement which motivates him become a great muscles god.... Enjoy.


Mr. Olympia Logan Franklin looks like Marvel's Superhero Winter Soldier. Check him out!


One of my favorite muscle gods is "Fitman" He shows off his muscle development and veins which he knows guys love to worship......He's adorable. Enjoy!!!


Think you will like these chocolate men....I'm not sure...but I think you will like them.  If you want a private virtual meeting with them, let them know. I'm sure it can be arranged.



Jean is considered by Bodybuilder critics to be the most shredded man in the world and by the way he looks who can argue. I certainly don't. I just accept that gorgeous body of his to the way he presents it.


Wolverine is feeling his muscles and talking shit to us.....but that's ok...let him feel his power. It means more power for us!


A little short taste of food...but if you want more than a taste....catch him on his channel and on his website.......Miha....Meee-Ha....He loves attention!!!


Now I love worshiping men's muscles and veins popping out which means you are praising them for looking AMAZING!!! But when I see these muscle gods screaming, moaning, grunting, and reeling in pain in deep massage sessions or reflexology sessions or in bed when they are cumming, within sections the god becomes another vulnerable  human who must succumb to pain and the ecstasy of orgasms. And man...I love seeing them get worked over in chiropractic session or a deep tissue massage session, or even in my shamanic sessions(though very confidential) crying and yelling obscenities in pain while being healed. But even gods need fixin'. One major thing that people who worship muscle gods find out when they are dating them or married to them.....is that they love being dominated, especially by someone who really loves them. And most are bottoms...hahahaha.....lol......hahaha....well......take a  look at some of these videos.


This guys is one of the best shredded and veiny guy on the website. Born on my birthday April 2nd 1991 and winning Mr. Olympia at age 28 ......and looking like the Winter Soldier....This muscle god is on his way to becoming Mr. Universe.....Check him out as he works out.


This video has different triggers to it. It's an old school shamanic method that is used in today's massage sessions to trigger relaxation and sensuality through sounds and different objects like rocks, scented oils, rolling pins, crystals, etc. rubbed or poked on the skin which makes it new school and called, "ASMR." this shamanic massage we whisper incantations so that while the person is being massage...they triggered to visualize some place like paradise...making the person relaxed. The video is smooth and sensuous. Check it out!!!


Sadik The Hawkman is back.....showing you all his skills how he became Mr. Olympia.....and btw, he is married to a lovely woman.


In such worships there is the massage or ASMR therapy that is done all over world to evoke relaxation and promote great health. ASMR therapy is a form of worship to the body to maintain good health. Check it out below.


These are the muscles gods in 2020. These are the most shredded  bodybuilder men in 2020, working out, flexing, posing, and popping out veins for us. They have some followers. Take a look.


Thought that maybe you may want to see some of the routine and workout ethics that go into being a muscle gods. They can't afford a layer of fat on their bodies....so they do a routine hoping to inspire others to do the same.

I think of us know that some of these muscle gods weren't born with these muscles, these guys according to my research and experience transformed themselves into these muscle gods. Many guys were overweight. Many guys were very thin. So, these guys started eating foods that would feed their muscles and working out which expanded their muscles and burned off the fat. Their story is that anyone who has the desire and dedication  can transform themselves into a muscle god. In this video, The trainer and nutritionist explains the essence of the making of the muscle god. Take a look.


Alejandro the Hulk works out......


After a workout almost all the Muscle gods have to give up their power to us.....the Healers who are in the modern world are the Chiropractor, Masseurs, physical therapist, doctors, trainers, and shamans. The Chiropractor and Masseurs rule these gods in a big way.  Now you are going to experience the pain and healing that the gods go through in the coming videos like the one below. Take a look.

This massage was done in Krasnodar, Russia. The masseur's name is Spartak (insta @massage_krd_020). This session was quite long and included strong back massage and chiropractic adjustments. I'll upload the back massage part in the next video. In this video you can find neck cracking, back, shoulder cracking etc. At the end of the video I left a comment on the session. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video.

This straight guy is going to do with a guy that many straight men have done for centuries. Take a look.



This muscle god is The Real Tarzan. He looks like Tarzan and behaves as Tarzan. I don't know if he has nude shots of him but I would keep my eyes wide open. His workout is insane! Take a look.


This is for all the Gay Russians out there...This one's for you!!!! He calls himself, "Wild Elk." For all who are not Russian.....this one's for you!!! This guy is my Daredevil!!! And he's AWESOME!!!! Take a look.


I really need to call this video "Muscles and Veins at the Max" because it is incredible to me that guys and gals can make and recreate their bodies to become like this!!! Amazing!!! And the power, wisdom, and strength that these bodies trigger is soooo soooooo deep that even I can't explain or understand it! Take a look.


I really like this guy or muscle god.....now he wears a necklace with the "S" symbol of Superman. I don't think of him as Superman.....He looks and acts like Marvel's Superhero, "Ikaris" of The Eternals. Muscle formation is like Ikaris. Veins are similar like Ikaris. His personality is like Ikaris. I don't know. I REALLY like him. lol

Ok guys....I know this video is not the most sexy video....but I want to show you that Muscles gods and Superhero men do not get their bodies from just standing around. They really work hard on getting their bodies into shape or godlike image. It takes a great deal of discipline and training which I do not possess which is why we worship them because we know it's a grueling process that many would not attempt. So here is Superhuman telling you how he gets his body into shape or maintaining his body in that shape. Take a look.




My new Chocolate muscle god HarCam.....give some Love....i know I do!!! Oh.....did I tell you he reminds me of DC's Martian Manhunter.....ok now you know.....And I kinda feel He's hunting me....hahaha....lol...haha



Here's my man Simon a.k.a. Wolverine...is flexing again for us. He really showing off his veins and muscles. The veins popping out of his forehead triggers me to cum. It's like experiencing a man having a big orgasm. Every vein pops out on his body but mostly his neck and head!!!! Wow!


Here again is a Muscles god getting healed from an injury. This UFC Fighter endures the pain in order to be healed. For some reason.....I take a pleasure in a god getting pain knowing that they are going to feed me so much energy once they are healed. Take a look!


This Brown Sugar Muscle gods is very personal. He cums three times and  drops his cum into your mouth. Take a look.


Another Muscle god who reminds me of my last husband David....and even cum like David....Take a look.


This muscle gods body looks like DC's Superhero The Green Lantern. Long lean shredded muscles and veins. If you are into this kind of body, than this one's for you. Enjoy!


This muscle god  I call, DC's Superhero Superman.....He looks like Superman and has muscles and veins like Superman. Not to mention....he could be the brother of my late Husband. They definitely resemble each other. He's hot. Take a look.


I thought you might want to experience another Superman or maybe Super boy as Clark Kent cumming for you, so I decided to let you experience him. I did and it was very good. This is how it really happens in real time. Take a look.


This is my Chocolate man from Nigeria that really LOVES ME. and I love him. Can you tell me why I shouldn't. Hahaha...lol....hahaha...It's chocolate. I can't resist!!!




This is my type of Muscle god.......very chocolate chip and very hot. Great body. Great veins. Great veiny cock and hands. Great personality. Take a look.



How about a sweet vanilla young man. I love me some vanilla. This one reminds me of my past late husband. Really sweet.


Here he is again  showing off his muscles and veins!!!










I like This muscle god who I call "Daredevil" because he looks like Marvel's Superhero Daredevil . This video is very natural and realistic. Many guys will be triggered  to cum 2 to 3 times and he flexes perfectly to make you do it. Take a look.



Wow...hard working business man comes home from work decides to contact his fan who want to connect with him....he is horney and needs some encouragement. The video here takes us into his bedroom. Let's see if we can join him in some intimacy. 


Steubenstr's body reminds me of DC's Superhero The Flash.....I don't what his face looks like...but his body is like The Flash...built for speed.







FitMan Dan is a young muscle god I call "Spiderman" Because he acts and looks like Spiderman, but sexier than Spiderman. Take a look.


You want real deal....this muscle god gives it to you......take a look.


Bodybuilder muscle gods serving up their veins and muscles for you to worship and praise. Let's take a look......






I just can't resist talking about this guy and the uniqueness of his veins, especially on the front of his neck. I think from memory I have only encountered someone with this kind of vein structure on his neck once in all my years on this planet called Earth. The veins are shaped like an "O" with Three Line extensions at the bottom of the "O." According to Samudrika Shastra this type of structure means>>>> resurrection, transformation, death, transition, and change. 

image.png.786d092ef9aee84e4b270c292baa344d.pngLook at this......I have seen it on guys feet or arms or biceps or chest and hands but not on the neck.....just ridiculous. And get this.....the sign means resurrection, transformation, Change....literally Life and Death.....like a "Jesus" energy which is very rare. He is very very special individual. What astrological sign(s) that would pertain to the structure>>>>Just as we have borne the image of the earthy one, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly one.. . . Behold, I tell you a mystery. We shall not all fall asleep, but we will all be changed, in an instant, in the blink of an eye, at the last trumpet. So, is this energy or power coming from his "Voice" or "Utterances" I really don't know.....But what I do know....the speech has the power to persuade minds and change attitudes even "Heal." Is this sign in front of his neck which is considered our communication center and transference food eaten and air flowing through indicates uttering things into being like manifestation powers by speech. Or changing food eaten into potent super food or healing nutrition for the body. Or The ability to change himself and others into what he desires by saying the words. But let us focus on the astrological mixed in the religious...this Samudrika Shastra sign astrological sign is connected to the Gospels of the New Testament. Scholars unanimously agree that each gospel portrays different aspects of Jesus; also that Matthew's, Mark's and Luke's biographical content is inter-dependent, with John's adding the mystical essence of transcendence and esoteric theology. Ecclesiastical interpretations of the gospels fit their astrological symbolism surprisingly well: according to Irenaeus and Augustine, the Lion (Leo) symbolizes the leadership and kingly character of Christ, the Man (Aquarius) stands for his identification with humanity, the Ox (Taurus) relates to his sacrifice, and the Eagle (the higher aspect of 'reborn' Scorpio) to his transcendence and eternity. 
image.png.432b9d3203c644e83373d9fe58487e2c.pngmeaning it's Astrological signs are Scorpio. Aquarius. Taurus. Leo. So, this muscle god's astrological sign is either Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, or Leo. This symbol also can be seen on his right inside bicep. It is also the tree symbol.

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