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Upper Body Muscles of Men



Take a long look at this one!!!

Pacific Joe is this gods name...and he shows off his muscles and veins to feed you his substance of his soul....take a look!!!

I just can't resist talking about this guy and the uniqueness of his veins, especially on the left side of his neck and bicep . I think from memory, I have only encountered someone with this kind of vein structure on his neck or bicep once in all my years on this planet called Earth. The vein structure on the left side of his neck is like a "L" and on the left side of his bicep, a "Δtriangle."

The "L" shaped vein on his neck in Samudrika Shastra means Lateral movement. Ascension/Descension. One who ascends or descends. I gather by the structure of his body he seems like he is ascending to more god status than descending to frail human status. ..I have seen it on guys feet or arms or biceps and hands but not on the neck.....just ridiculous. The astrological sign(s) that would pertain to this symbol (L) >>>>>>>The Leo zodiac symbol is the Lion, named for the stellar constellation this sign corresponded to by the astrologers of the old world. The astrological symbol of the Lion goes back to Greek mythology, when it was associated with the Lion that Heracles overcame in a heroic mythological battle. Astrological Rising L  Sign Of The Zodiac called "Leo", which means Leadership, Strength. Agility. Boldness.  He is able to speak to make other ascend through words.....or descend according to his words. The grunts in the video makes me hard....lol.....hahaha...It holds the energy of freedom, revolution, innovation, and change. Its rings rotate vertically, giving it the look of being on its side. It has a tornadic energy of abrupt change and will usually come in as a disruptor.

The "Δ" triangle means>>>> Fire. Triune Deity. Divinity. One who divines or Ascends or descends which means he uses his actions to elevate myself and others or situations or His actions are used to tear myself, others or situation down. I'm it is probably the former.



It is always a healthy thing to get a massage especially on the head, neck, traps, and arms....and a Turkish massage...The Best!!!





Beautiful neck

Upper body worship has been around since Roman Empire where Gladiators' muscle were worship by high class or upper class men towards the Gladiator. This guy is one of those Gladiators. At first glance, you are worshipping him. Take a look.

I just can't resist talking about this guy and the uniqueness of his veins, especially on the front of his neck. I think from memory I have only encountered someone with this kind of vein structure on his neck once in all my years on this planet called Earth. The veins are shaped like an "O" with Three Line extensions at the bottom of the "O." According to Samudrika Shastra this type of structure means>>>> resurrection, transformation, death, transition, and change. 

image.png.786d092ef9aee84e4b270c292baa344d.pngLook at this......I have seen it on guys feet or arms or biceps or chest and hands but not on the neck.....just ridiculous. And get this.....the sign means resurrection, transformation, Change....literally Life and Death.....like a "Jesus" energy which is very rare. He is very very special individual. What astrological sign(s) that would pertain to the structure>>>>Just as we have borne the image of the earthy one, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly one.. . . Behold, I tell you a mystery. We shall not all fall asleep, but we will all be changed, in an instant, in the blink of an eye, at the last trumpet. So, is this energy or power coming from his "Voice" or "Utterances" I really don't know.....But what I do know....the speech has the power to persuade minds and change attitudes even "Heal." Is this sign in front of his neck which is considered our communication center and transference food eaten and air flowing through indicates uttering things into being like manifestation powers by speech. Or changing food eaten into potent super food or healing nutrition for the body. Or The ability to change himself and others into what he desires by saying the words. But let us focus on the astrological mixed in the religious...this Samudrika Shastra sign astrological sign is connected to the Gospels of the New Testament. Scholars unanimously agree that each gospel portrays different aspects of Jesus; also that Matthew's, Mark's and Luke's biographical content is inter-dependent, with John's adding the mystical essence of transcendence and esoteric theology. Ecclesiastical interpretations of the gospels fit their astrological symbolism surprisingly well: according to Irenaeus and Augustine, the Lion (Leo) symbolizes the leadership and kingly character of Christ, the Man (Aquarius) stands for his identification with humanity, the Ox (Taurus) relates to his sacrifice, and the Eagle (the higher aspect of 'reborn' Scorpio) to his transcendence and eternity. 
image.png.432b9d3203c644e83373d9fe58487e2c.pngmeaning it's Astrological signs are Scorpio. Aquarius. Taurus. Leo. So, this muscle god's astrological sign is either Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, or Leo. This symbol also can be seen on his right inside bicep. It is also the tree symbol. 




Jean Castaing is definitely a turn on. His muscles and veins speak volumes. He doesn't have to say anything. You are looking at him pose and flex out his muscles and pop out his veins and suddenly  you realize that you are so hard and pre-cumming. Just that simple. He's worth every second. Jean Castaing is flexing his muscles for you and popping his veins out for you to worship and get hard on. Enjoy!!!


Dexter is my boy.....he is also a muscle god. I call him Pluto because he reminds me of the Greek god "Pluto." And if you don't know who Pluto is...just look him up and you will see that he is a bad ass god. My boy does just that. Just watch!!!!


This Muscle god I don't have much information for you. He is very much like Hercules or Zeus with his huge muscles and bulging veins.....I am a vein freak....some muscles or no muscles....if the guy has the right vein structure that triggers me....I cum within 10 to 15 minutes. I think he channels my Zeus energy. This muscle god makes me cum in 15 minutes easy. You definitely will like him. He's adorable!!!



This guy I call "Iron Man" because he looks and reminds me of Tony Starks. Muscles and veins are like Iron Man. He is not shy about showing people his shredded body and numerous veins. Take a look.


The young muscle god Sebastian giving us a tasty meal of his muscles and veins!!! Take a look!!!


My Wolverine is Back!!! Show him some Love Y'all!!!



I absolutely love this guy. He calls himself, "The Dominator." His name is Alex. I call him "Apollo," after the Greek god because of his physique and Charm. Great veins and muscles especially on his neck.


This is another muscles god that I call "Apollo" son of Zeus. Absolutely Favorite!!! 


This muscle god who I call, "Martian Manhunter" because his muscles and facial look and demeander is similar to DC's Superhero Martian Manhunter. He is the real deal!!! He is EXCELLENT!!!!  Not to mention...he looks and acts my late husband Geoffrey Fowler. Everything is just right!!! Take a look!!!

This chocolate muscle god is the cream of the crop and the cream on top....all in One. If you like chocolate and I am sure many one of you do......This is tha business!!! Take a look.

Great Looking British Brown Sugar man.....Beautiful neck....



\Wolverine(Simon) delivers the veins and muscles.....Check it out!!!


Jean pour it on in his workout popping the veins and flexing the muscles to cause desire to take over you to worship him and cum to the table. Check him out!




Oh ....... My......God.......This guy is Channeling my Energy Called ZEUS!!!!! Incarnation of Zeus!!!! And I am Zeus!!!! There is another guy who channel my energy.....but I can't show on this channel. lol......OOOOuuuuu


Ayan is a British Brown Sugar Muscle god who makes money from showing off his muscles and of course guys pay him to touch his muscles.



This young muscle god's neck veins are awesome....take a look!!!


Cody C. is back after a long break and he is ready to serve you as you worship him


He does not have to say a word to worship him.....his body says a thousand....


My newest Chocolate god HarCam and he is deliciously Adorable. Take a look.


This muscle know how to seduce his worshipers....and knows what they want.....Take a look!



This Egyptian muscle god can get off 5 to 6 times....but I am cumming from his first jerk off. Take a look!


Diego is my kiind of muscle god....Veins...veins....and mo veins......hahaha...lol....hahaha...Here he is showing the veins in his forearms for us to feed on.   And man....what a meal!!!! Take a Look!


Brawning Ronnie giving us his veins and talk on work outs


Harcam is my new young muscle god.....give him some love by watching his video and leaving encouraging comments. Enjoy!




This muscles god is one of my favorites. Take a look.









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