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Indonesian muscle god shows off his veiny torso............................


This Muscle god like most Muscles gods........................

Electronic devices that makes you cum!!! It is the latest in the sexual revolution. Something always coming  up new. Bandicon is dido wi-fi device  that guys insert in their rectum and this device sends out electrical chargers to the nerves of the guys rectum and those nerves triggers the guys penis, which makes the guy jerk off several times. What I observed is that there is a video program of porn visuals and certain sounds like a ringing of a bell or rattlers being shook and this sound and visual make the guy cum. Very interesting. I think I will stick to the old school ways. But for you.....enjoy!!!


Now another thing that at my old age I discovered on YouTube a few years ago was that guys were building their muscles through breathing exercises called "Vacuum"  and "Flexing" which they called "Aesthetics"  Aesthetics> a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art. The branch of philosophy that deals with the principles of beauty and artistic taste.

The practice is among thin or overweight guys who want to be muscles guys and change the molecular structure of their anatomy and others to praise the transformation of beauty they have created. Vacuuming is used to get rid of gut and build six or eight packed abs and strengthen the torso.....The ritual of this exercises are derived from Yoga and Hindu. So, down below are some folks that video tape their progress in this adventure. Glen is a young man that want to show the world of his progress.....Give him some Love and follow his progression and transformation into a muscles god.

And now that I have given you some info on this subject....you can now get some instructions from a guy who will give you instructions on the vacuum exercises.

In my experiences with men ..this video is the most natural and normal situation that I have had with men.....the sounds of cumming....the veins popping out when they cum.....and the event triggers you to cum with them. Many times...men would just touch me or a certain part of my body and jerk off.....It wasn't this long drawn out  session.....just in a few minutes...they would cum three to four times. This Bodybuilder below is no exception.....He manage to cum for his fans and worshiper multiple times...I like a man who delivers like this. Also watch his bottom I think he is an older guy.........Great bottom....This bottom drains Billy.....I mean you can see this mature man draining every ounce of cum out of Billy......Great bottoms do this they drain the tops......so who is in control again?  Check it out!!!


Marty who is an online buddy...delivers the veins popping on his Torso......Check it out!!!

So, it would be totally unfair not to show you how you can look like these guys.....so I found someone if you follow his instructions.....you will look like a Superhero and have guys admire you!


Young Muscle god looking like Cupid flexes his abs and biceps. He's been working on them for us...Just show some love as he is growing into a handsome young buck. 

My boy delivers his torso to you for your pleasure. Enjoy!!!!

Now here's another flex video of my boy which was 12 years ago...I think he's 31 now.....Have not seen much of him. I will keep you posted. Take a look.

And this video show my boy's face and torso enjoying the sun in summer.


HarCam does not have to say a word......his body says a thousand......



Most of my late husbands made sounds and came like this...so I was drawn to this video....and really like it for it's realism....Take a look.







Another torso humping to cum........Again Billy gets drained by his bottom.....



Great looking Torso...Delicious.....and meaty. Take a look.





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