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Thursday - 11th



unremarkable day - did some marketing and saw the lower classes toting off huge packages of bottled water and toilet paper. some people never give up! here at home, I had been looking forward to sharing the fruits of my research. I have discovered animated gifs, and I have discovered Joe Manganiello, heretofore unaware of his charms. unfortunately, when I went to share them with the club, we ran into size restrictions. apparently his images, if not his personal equipment, was too big for the platform. so, I have posted an album and two zip files, however you are being gipped out of quite a number of gifs! if anyone is a mad fan and wants more, write to me privately, coldt DOT mann AT gmail DOT com, and I will send a more complete zip file. in the mean time, enjoy! welcome to our newest members, and thank you for affording me Likes and Stiffies - I have so little to look forward to . . .








Eric01.jpg Eric03.jpg Eric05.jpg Eric07.jpg Alessio001.jpg Alessio003.jpg Alessio005.jpg Alessio007.jpg Fabio001.jpg Fabio003.jpg Fabio005.jpg Fabio007.jpg Keith001.jpg Keith003.jpg Keith005.jpg Keith007.jpg Joe111.jpg Joe113.jpg Joe115.jpg Joe088.gif
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