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There are days when my head is full of thoughts. Thoughts that are hard for me to write down. Today was such a day. 

I'm not usually one to stumble blindly through life. However, the last few days have shown me that I have not seen or perceived many things. Maybe I did not want to see it. Sometimes it is even necessary to close your eyes. Sometimes what you see is too oppressive, too overwhelming. Especially in those moments when you feel too small and too weak to change anything on your own. 

Didn't I see it? Did I not want to see it? Couldn't I see it. I don't have an answer. 

I did not realise how deep the racism in the United States goes. You can say it's none of your business. Maybe that's right, as I don't live there. But maybe I'm more connected than some people think. It does not matter, because racism, xenophobia, exists everywhere. 

In Germany, in Europe, I recognized the increasing xenophobia and opposed it. I cannot do this in South Africa or in the United States, or in many other countries around the world in the same way. I can hardly do more than describe my personal view. 

I was born in the country that started two world wars. This is history I have to deal with. Even after 75 years one is still associated with it. Although I'm not even half that age, I know my responsibilities. It is my responsibility to combat xenophobia, racism and agitation. I've seen the memorials. Buchenwald concentration camp, Auschwitz, the battlefields of Verdun, the Arizona Memorial. It is impossible to put the oppressive feeling you get there into words. 

When I see the aversion, the hate, that is felt towards other ethnic groups in 2020, I have to ask myself if we have really learned from history. 

Another part of German and world history is a peaceful revolution in 1989, which took place without riots and brought down a regime and walls. For me this means that there is an enormous potential for change in peaceful protests. "Wir sind das Volk!" - "We are the people." they shouted back then. 

Religion, origin or colour do not matter to me. Only the character of a person matters.

I beg everyone to perceive any single person as an individual. 

Consider everyone else as you want to be considered yourself and treat everyone else as you want to be treated yourself.

That's my motto.

The tiny power I got, I make use of it. I signed two petitions yesterday. 

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Tommy, it Is our collective liability to end racism. To show solidarity, to contribute one's own opinion must not know national borders when injustice happens. Please don't use 'other ethnic groups'. This is the beginning of the division. 

The history should be used as a guide for a better future. 

"The tiny power I got, I make use of it. I signed two petitions yesterday." Don't be so modest. 

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