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Wednesday - 20th



had fun today. it was lunch bunch, and we were exposed to new rules: apparently I arrived first, and was informed that I could not sit in the lobby and wait. okay. so I went out and leant on the car until another couple showed up. we went in, to a perfectly empty restaurant, and were told that there would be a ten minute wait. and that we could not wait in the lobby. at that exact moment, the other couple appeared, and we were again told we could not be seated nor could we wait in the lobby. thankfully, one of the other men said, look, we are all 90 years old (I'm not, yet) and if we go out the door, we will go to another restaurant. at which time two other staff appeared and said we could be seated. wow. who knew? so we live to die another day. came home and took a short nap, from which I woke up disoriented and unable to comprehend what time of day or night it was. then I recalled lunch, and got back to work on the boys. I have almost cleared out the Misc Names, so there is a bit more with which to entertain you. my choice to feature is Eric Lavin, only because of his temptation eyes - what a man! hope you enjoy the lineup - greetings to our newest clubmembers - now over 5200 - and thanks go to those who have awarded Likes and Stiffies. I do appreciate them 🥰







Jack01.png Jack03.jpg Jack05.jpg Jack07.jpg Eric01.jpg Eric03.jpg Eric05.jpg Eric07.jpg Nash01.jpg Nash03.jpg Nash05.jpg Nash07.jpg Ian001.jpg Ian003.jpg Ian005.jpg Ian007.jpg Sean01.jpg Sean03.jpg Sean05.jpg Sean07.jpg
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