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Wednesday - 29th



a somewhat tense day - we are awaiting word from our governator, you know the glove puppet with a frump up his arse, to say if we will have a return to normalcy, or as normal as it gets around here. I got to rearrange my DVD collection (what a thrill) and to work on my collection. have a couple of points to share: I have started Miscellaneous Models K, and if anyone has fave raves they can add to the collection, I would just be so proud to have those boys out of miscellaneous purgatory and into proper albums of their own. I wish to make a note here: I can be misled in research - if I tell g00gle images I want a picture of George Clooney and it comes up looking like Vladimir Putin, I know enough to say, that's not right. with newer and younger models with whom I do not have a personal relationship, I might be led astray. never hesitate to give a correction if a model is misnamed. I have had real good luck in increasing the collection through the good offices of our clubmembers. and I want to welcome our newbies - notice there are zip files added for your convenience, and as always, many thanx for the Likes and Stiffies you have afforded me 🥰









Sagi0001.jpg Sagi0003.jpg Sagi0005.jpg Sagi0007.jpg Lauri001.jpg Lauri003.jpg Lauri005.jpg Lauri007.jpg Ben001.jpg Ben003.jpg Ben005.jpg Ben007.jpg Rod001.jpg Rod003.jpg Rod005.jpg Rod007.jpg Tom001.jpg Tom003.jpg Tom005.jpg Tom007.jpg
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Tom Katt is one of my all-time favorite male porn stars. At the time he was active I used to go to my office early and enjoy one of the new gay magazines I bought. Often Katt was featured and I began my work day with a bang, so to speak! The picture of him sleeping on his stomach was a favorite. 

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Never heard of this Rod Kasznar guy before but what a hot daddy he was.

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there's no value in commenting on different folks' life experiences . . . it seems incredible to me that a professional gay man would have missed a hottie like this. he seemed very talented <-----------------------> :hubba_hubba-404:

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