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When I created my blog, I wrote as description Life is change, life is an adventure. 

That's more true these days. 

More than a year ago my hubby and I decided to slow down our lifes. We never expected to have about 4 billion followers now. 

When we went to Australia on January 21, we were not aware that we would be stranded there. Life is change, life is an adventure. Somehow this is a running gag in my life. 

In fact we had the opportunity to return to Germany. However, we decided against it, as we could not do more for our family there. 

Frankly, being stranded on a subtropical island isn't bad. We have everything we need. My Gramma always told me that everything necessary in life is a place to live and enough to eat. I do not have an idea why she never mentioned toilet paper. 🤔

Fortunately not only our company works almost (98 %) paperless, our toilet also does. It's much more comfortable to get your arse cleaned by a water jet. ☺️

We are in a pandemic, in a crisis. Many have lost loved ones. This doesn't make it easier to continue writing. 

Those who got to know me as well as those who read my profile and earlier blog entries should be aware that I frequently reflect about my life, my ecological behavior. I also always try to see everything with a blink. Life is sometimes challenging and quite hard, but to loose humor means to me to lose hope. Nothing I say should therefore be considered offensively. 

Many people obviously suffer from social distancing. That's something I do not understand. Most of them practice social distancing since years. There's only one difference since they sat next to each other starring on their smartphones. 

Everyone should take this crisis as chance to reflect about one's life.  

We have forgotten how to consciously perceive the beauty of nature. Why else do people run through parks and forests with pods in their ears. When did you enjoy a rain? 

Do we really need all that stuff we buy? 

Why do people sleep in front of an Apple Store waiting for the newest iPhone? 

Why, why, why.... 

I'm as guilty as everybody else - more or less. 

Our economies suffer from the lock downs. Many already lost their jobs. 

What will happen when we change our behavior to save our resources, our planet? 

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Un-Australian Hoarder tries to get a refund on 4800 toilet rolls and 150 l sanitizer. 


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Distance is decency. Physical distance is the new closeness.

Shopping groceries is the new way of going out: What do I wear? And: Do I have pretty hair?

The face mask is the new sneaker: trendy sports shoes are coveted status symbols and limited edition models are sometimes the cause of violent fights. This now also applies to mouth-nose masks.

Virologists are the new influencers: until recently, thanks to Instagram and Co, people who seemed not very smart suddenly became famous.


It is interesting to see how many people in the world have adapted to a changed situation in a very short time. Of course, everyone has the hope to return to their old, accustomed lifestyle as quickly as possible. 

In contrast to the above-mentioned hoarder, there are also very many in this time who show solidarity with other people. My brother-in-law shops groceries once a week, wearing mask and gloves. He not only does the shopping for himself, but also for my parents-in-law and a few elder neighbors. He told me that this shopping experience is surreal. The shelves are well stocked, except for toilet paper, flour, yeast. There are very few people in the shops, but they treat each other with respect and care and keep their distance.

The number of new infections in Germany has decreased. 

Germany moved to ease coronavirus restrictions.

What I've seen since makes me nervous.

Several federal states have introduced or are introducing compulsory masks these days. Suddenly you hear louder and louder voices saying that wearing a mask is uncomfortable. There are endless discussions about faster and more far-reaching easing. At the same time, the numbers are rising again - still slightly.

When I see pictures of demonstrations in the US or crowded beaches in Florida, it sets me thinking. 


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4 hours ago, Tomster said:

When I see pictures of demonstrations in the US or crowded beaches in Florida, it sets me thinking.

Cause thats how tarded we are here in the US. 😔

The US has always been so damn arrogant on certain things. Born & raised here, over the years as I've gotten older, I've noticed this. In my opinion & pre COVID-19, the US has always been too damn stupid to take care of their own right in the backyard, everything from supporting military vets to homeless to mental health. We are a divided country with a Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka character) mentality. A country full of young spoiled bastards that think know what's best, dont want to be told what to do.

I do my best as a loving mother to make sure my daughter is taken care of but in the right way. Overall it really a sad state of affairs here in the US & worldwide.

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Thanks Suzie. 

Trust me, that's not limited to your country. 

In recent years I have been to the US frequently. Nevertheless, my observations are only a cursory glance through the keyhole. 

22 hours ago, suzienudie said:

I do my best as a loving mother to make sure my daughter is taken care of but in the right way.



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