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About this blog

Life is change, life is an adventure. 

With this blog I would like to give you a tiny insight into my more or less adventurous life. A look through the keyhole, so to speak.

You will get to know my preferences as well as some of my passions. 

Stay tuned ...


Entries in this blog

A different Year

It was a different summer It was a different year Upside down, weird, nothing like it was It was a different summer. These lines are taken from a song by the German band Silbermond. I hear this song often. Almost every day, we stream the morning show of the radio station that was part of our everyday life when we lived in Germany. It's 2 p. m. here when the show begins at 5 a. m. local time. Time announcements and weather reports lead to occasional confusion even after months. It is b


Tomster in Australia

Why did I become a banana bender?

Some time ago our plans were to live alternately in Europe and Australia. Since I don't remember if I mentioned it before: My hubby and I have changed this idea. Our centre of life will be in Australia. It is for the most part already the case. There are always a few incidents that make me smile. If you are married to a computer freak, who has been practising and recommending digital detox for years, it should be clear that you have certain technical resources available. For example, we


Tomster in Australia

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