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About this blog

My exhibitionnist side.

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Entries in this blog

Me, writing, as if i was a master (no, i'm definitely a sub)

Good evening. Or good morning, perhaps. I am assuming, for ease or laziness, that you are reading these lines in the evening. If you read me, after all, you know that what we are going to share is traditionally nocturnal. I take the liberty of calling you by your first name. Everything brings us together, basically, the initiative of this literary meeting, the need to overcome solitude, appetites... The intimacy, soon. I could tell you more about who I am, but why bother? I might as well l


Xhib54 in Writing

My fist exhib video.

Last time I tald you about the first time I was totally exposed here. Here is another first time, when I made a video. I recently made a Xhamster account to post private pics of me and also sharing some videos. here is the first video I made. it happens that some people have downloaded it and started to post my video elsewhere on internet. So arrousing ! It's also very arrousing to read all the comments from everyone. I think I will make more video. Feel free to share, d


Xhib54 in Video

First Time

Here, you can see the very first pic i was ask to make in order, to post it online. It was very scarry, and the position, quite humiliating. I had to send it to to aguy with more than 30k follower on twitter. He finally posted it. And that was both scary and exciting at the same time. The photo has come a long way once posted, retweeted many times, (more 100 times if I remember correctly), and I received a lots of responses. Most of them were pretty cool but... not always. It was so


Xhib54 in Exhib

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