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Anonymously Infamous

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About this blog


My last year of high school I was sentenced to 6 years for selling adderall and fucking for money.  In the 3 years I served, I learned of the secrets and the intensity in which they exist.... as well as the great length they go to be concealed. I decided to collect their confessions and free them from carrying the weight of them alone any longer. I receive letters o. A regular basis and request submissions through pen pal sites.  In addition to taking their calls now and then, I also help supply them with writing materials when possible.  These are true stories, their true stories, and now all our communities to relate to,  be intrigued by, to fantasize about, or to simply listen......These are Caged Confessions









Entries in this blog

Caged Confessions

I was sleeping when he came in...i heard the cell door slam and then felt his hand grab the back of my neck ...he rolled me over ...start sucking my dick right away ...he pulled his pants down and he had about 12 in f****** huge black horse cock he f***** me so good for about an hour and a half and I came twice he told me he likes it a white boys



Caged Confessions

I was sleeping when it came in Iceland and then tell his hand grab the back of my neck he rolled me over start sucking my dick right away he pulled his pants down and he had about 12 in f****** huge black horse cock he f***** me so good for about an hour and a half and I came twice he told me he likes it a white boys




THIS IS  PART THE SERIES OF TRUE CONFESSONS FRON INCARCERATED MEN.......   When I was 13 I barely had any peach fuzz down there... I was so horny all the time... All I wanted to do was cum... when my grandfather was gone one day... I went out to the barn... there's a pony that was out there and every time I walked by his ... I could see his dick hanging down ...I started jacking off and went closer and I started grabbing it ... and I'm playing with it and I could be the size of it... t


ANONINF in Caged Confessions

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