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About this blog

My Journey of Sharing Porn Magazines: My journey began with Full Magazines and continues now as I try to bring these pages back in the spotlight in my own way as an ever growing Issue Index. My goal is to bring the content of these magazines out of the archives and into present day experience. Here you will find Compilations, Photo Shoots, Movie Reviews, Features, Erotic Stories, and Advertisements navigated by Categories and Search Links in the Sidebar. Feel free to let me know what you think. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy yourselves as much as I do presenting this to you and allowing me to be your research assistant. 🙂 Eric 😍


@tourist said: Can't speak for others, but I definitely enjoy looking through the entire magazines -- whether for features (like the Men sex surveys) or the ads, which show a progression of technological availability over the decades (phone sex services to websites -- stopping short of streaming because that, of course, is what put the magazines out of business).  It's all a great treat, and thanks again for providing it.

@JackFTwist said: I agree completely.  Although I never used any of the phone-sex services (honest!), the ads were usually hot.  The ones that used a photo of one of the contemporary porn stars were especially amusing, as if you’d actually get to have phone sex with that performer.  (Although I’m sure the guys on the other end of phone line would often claim that’s who they were, in the interest of keeping callers on the line for longer periods — and higher total charges.) It’s also interesting to see the prices of the older magazines, films, and VCR tapes, especially when you consider what that price would be in today’s dollars, adjusted for inflation.  Falcon Studios VCR tapes in 2000 could cost in the $60 range, which would be nearly $90 in today’s dollars.  By comparison, today’s newly released Falcon Studios HD videos list for about $35 — a little more than half the price of the old VCR tapes — but their video quality is much higher (and they’re often on sale at significant discounts).  Many of the magazines that were racier than “Men,” “Freshmen,” etc., and contained explicit photos of scenes from porn videos often sold in the $15—$20 range in 2000.  Today’s equivalent price would be in the $22—$30 range.  Talk about sticker shock! In addition, I also enjoyed the 2 or 3 erotic stories that each issue contained.  Although they varied widely in quality, they were usually much, much better than the gay erotica that was available online.  Thanks for putting in the unimaginable effort to organize and upload this goldmine in such an accessible collection.

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