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Just thoughts and ramblings and picturesme.thumb.jpg.2bc7eb2bbce48b1f69e3113e20af179b.jpg

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monadry (monagomy) - Does Being Gay Rule out sticking to One and if so why?

monogamy monadry (monagomy) - Does Being Gay Rule out sticking to One and if so why?

I  wanted a broad cross section of opinions....  Earlier this week.  I was challenged with "well, you gays, all sleep about anyway. No one is ever monogamous. It's all open relationships"  Ithetr are many viewpoints.  I don't agree.  I've never cheated on anyone in my life...  I have always been n monogamous.  When a partner suggested an open relationship, we parted ways as I didn't want to do it nor hold him back.  I don't think people  are necessarily nore promiscious in te





So after speaking to a guy via email on here. I wanted to see what other people thought about Christmas. Is it a happy time for you or not. If not why.? If you want to share that is.  My point of view fluctuates depending on the rest of my life. The cynical side of me views it as deriving from a way of controlling the non religious people. When you remove Christ out of Christmas. Ie like the ten commandments listing rules to the believers, then Christmas has santa watching kids to see if th




Everything has a beginning

So anyone want to share their hangups.  So I wanted to rephrase this....    Hang ups was wrong choice of word.  I wanna know what are your fetishises. What turns u on. What would u do if I had no boundaries.  Etc.       



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