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About this blog

I, the self declared KingOfGays, am socially awkward, antisocial, and have social anxiety. Yep, so what do i do? I write, i draw, and i masturbate to the wonderful men in this world.

So this blog will be my diary, where I'll post some of the pictures i like.

Entries in this blog

Day 03: Thoughts of Youth

Most of my younger years I've always thought about men. At first it was because i was curious, at age 13 was when i noticed i didn't feel attracted to any of the girls other boys liked or any other girl in general- Instead i had this huge crush on a teacher of mine. He was 6'2, buff as fuck, and a sweetheart, so my young baby gay was pratically melting at the simple smile of that man-  I must admit, i had many daydreams about him, he was one of my first crushes and i never really forgot him


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Day: 02

Today i woke up with a really hard, almost painful morning wood. I needed to cum fast. So i looked through my collection... Here, I'll share it with you, but only a small part! Take 50 images that i personally like.


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Day: 01

This is the first post of the blog, as a theme for this blog, each post will be a different day! It'll also be written as a diary with an image attached.  Day 01:  Today i stayed home for the entire day and evening, since today i didn't have to go to work since i am sick- Have been, for a two days now, but my fever is going away and my horniness is coming back. Just the thought of a man's embrace is enough to make me horny- I think it's due to my virginity (Since i am very much awkward


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